Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fun in the Pool

Today we are enjoying a quiet day at Casa Raab in the hills outside of Oaxaca, Mexico. We had planned some sightseeing to archological sites, but Will is laid up with some belly issues so instead we are enjoying the pool (at least one of us is!) and glad to be far from the snow, wind and sub-zero artic blast hitting our friends and family in the northeast. Its a long drive, but you all might consider coming on down!


Anonymous said...

Cute as Tiki is, I'm glad there is some stability in your group (i.e. Dave and Will) and adoption plans are "on hold"
Even NJ is getting its share of winter and bitter weather is due in today. So feel smug in your sunny climate.
I'm sick I missed your call yesterday - all for tennis.
Lots of love, Mom/El/Grandma

mwittke said...

Looks like more fun than I'm having lately. The snow is 3 1/2 feet deep in our yard now.