Sunday, January 11, 2009

Adventures in Mexico

After several days stranded on a backroad high in the rural countryside of the Sierra Madre mountains (more details later), local mechanicos were able to get Philomena running and, a little later, another repaired the failed brakes. Once successfully on the road again, stressful driving prevailed as we navigated around Mexico City. We didn’t dare drive through the sprawling city of 20 million (2nd only to Tokyo), so we picked our way throught cities, small towns, and winding mountainous roads (with VERY steep drop-offs), navigating an alternative route around the undesirable city diving where no official bypass exists. After camping for the night in a rather dingy (and empty) RV park in the city of Puebla, we made an early morning start heading south through beautiful canyon country in the high desert toward Oaxaca. We’ve spent two nights in a lovely family-owned/run youth hostel overlooking the ancient, and most beautiful, city. Resting on hammocks, swimming in the pool, chatting with the family and other guests, restored out spirits. Today we move out of La Villada Hostel and into house that we have rented for a week, up in the hills outside of the city. This scenic region is know for native crafts: weaving, pottery, woodworking and baskets. We may tour some of the smaller villages to watch artesans are work.

(Note: While there is internet at our next house, we are currently experiencing some technical difficulties with the connections, firewalls, etc.; and shall do our best to keep the blog updated this week.)


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading your update. I shudder to think of those mountain-
ous roads and no brakes. Glad you came through that trip unscathed and are in less stressful (for Philomina) regions.
Not much news on the homefront. We are already anticipating with great delight seeing you in May!
Love, Mom/El/Grandma

Anonymous said...

Just when those drop offs seem too steep for Philomena, I'm really glad that you were able to de-stress in the hammocks, in the water and in the hostel...... BE SAFE! And...know that it's a lot warmer there than here! High's will be in the single digits thru the week in your old hometown of Shelburne! Darn those brakes!!!xoxoxo

mwittke said...

Prayers for Philomina sent your way...for you too!!!