Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Meet Tiki

Rebecca Raab, the co-owner of Casa Raab - were we are living this week, runs an animal rescue operation. Mostly saving Mexican street dogs, she also has a wide assortment of burros, cats, and other pets around the place. Tiki is part poodle and just as adorable as they come! If Kim and I had our way, we'd adopt her on the spot! She is totally van-sized, but reason (Dave & Will) prevail and we satisfy ourselves with frequent visits and - last night - a "sleep-over." Actually, I did inquire about adoption only to find out that the last couple from the United States to stay at here recently called Rebecca asking for Tiki to be sent to them in Denver. I guess they got attached, too; and must have missed her when they got home. When we get back from Honduras in three weeks, Kim and I will check in with Rebecca to see if Tiki's adoption has gone through; if not, lookout Dave girls may adopt this cutey pie!

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mwittke said...

Wittke's home for wayward pets says...GO FOR IT!!!