Sunday, December 28, 2008

San Miguel de Allende

Greetings All; We are in San Miguel - a lovely city, just 50 miles from Guanajauto, but with a very different feeling mainly because there is a large ex-patriate community of about 9,000 (mostly Americans) living here, bringing with them money, arts and lots of shopping opportunities. We are benefitting because Steve Hoffman (Carol & Linda Welling´s sister Connie´s X-husband - how´s that for a round-about-connection) most generously loaned us a house to stay in while we are here. Its really great. So here we are, off exploring the city, which boasts fabulous architecture and many interesting shops & great restuarants. Stopped in an internet cafe to post a quick update letting you know we remain safe and sound. Lots of love - S., D., W., & K.

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Anonymous said...

Just got in from Stowe and a won-
derful Christmas. Yours looked pretty special too, and how won-
derful of Santa to make it all the way to you in Mexico. Your plans look excellent and I know you will have a great time. Carrie is so excited about her upcoming visit. Miss all of you and love you so much, Mom/El/Grandma