Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Greeting all from San Migeul, Mexico, where we are celebrating New Years Eve by partaking in some local customs. As the clock strikes 12 (if we make it that late!) eat one grape for every one of the 12 strikes, making a wish with each glup of grape giving you 12 new wishes, one for every month of the new year. If you want to travel to be on your horizon in the new year (a given for us!) you should walk outside with an empty suitcase in your hand as the clock strikes 12. Here´s one for the ladies: wear red underpants if you wish love in the New Year, and yellow panties will bring prosperity. We must run now to the market to pick up the appropriate colors for our dreams! Happy New Year! XOXOX Sue & hi from kim


Anonymous said...

Guess I'm out of luck - nothing but white in the underwear department. Does this mean I'll remain pure as the driven snow? I had a nice dinner with two friends at a very good restaurant and am ready to pack it in at 9:05 after a little CNN.
Happy New Year to all my favorite travelers. I miss you!
Love, Mom/El/Grandma

Catherine Willson said...

Happy 2009 Dixon-Jonahs! Sounds like some new undies are in store...I celebrated here with visitors from NYC and Alabama...quite the mix. Music in Bristol and dinner at the Bobcat. Made it to midnight but I cannot brag dancing in the steets as it was below zero.

Sue, thank you for the necklaces. Felt like you just might be walking through the door at Barb's party. It was a really nice evening, a celebratory affair. But we missed you.

I love the new sungalsses Kim. Will, you should have woken Dave up on New Years! Haha, just kidding.

Love, Cath

Carrie said...

The grape (uvas) tradition is also in Spain and I learned the underwear one from a student of mine in a project this year! What fun this all sounds like!