Saturday, November 15, 2008

Canasta Numero Uno!

I am drawn to these woven baskets and was probably predisposed to making a significant purchase one day. Our first day in Kino, we met a couple, Carolyn and Perry from the United States but living here now; and I have called upon them since for directions and support when needed. They collect Seri baskets, most of which they sell to the museum, not for a profit, but to assist women in marketing their crafts. Through Carolyn I meet the sisters in this photo and eventually traded Will’s bike and a sizable chunk of change (to Dave’s dismay) for a beautiful woven basket with a serpent design, which took Alicia (the woman on the left) nearly a year to complete. The serpent is an ancient symbol of the Seri and Alicia indicated that it should bring me much good luck.

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Marcy said...

wow how beautiful is this basket?!?!
Will's bike plus liquid cash might feel like a lot to hand over for a small household item, but it is so beautiful. and plus you are a patron of the arts! and plus you get karmic glory by having it in your home! I don't think I need to add that not everyone would have the -adjective- to go ahead and make this trade!
Love XO Marcy