Saturday, November 15, 2008

Canasa Numero Dos!

The next day we were swimming in the Sea of Cortez and who should appear on the beach but the Seri ladies and their kids. Through a mixture of broken Spanish and sign language, I soon discovered that their car had run out of gas when they came to town to pick up the bicycle. I threw on my coverall and we all piled into Philomena and soon were off in the barrios of Old Kino in search of a gas can. Eventually, a friend of a friend supplied the can and I drove to the gas station and brought them back to their vehicle (hung together by wire and duct tape!) Alicia smiled and handed me a second small, tightly-woven Seri basket, in thanks. I am giving this one to my mom, who is leaving tomorrow after visiting with us for 10 days, to remember her stay at Bahia Kino, Mexico! We miss you already, Mom. XOXO S.

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