Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Portland is a Cool City, by Kim Jonah

My family stayed in Portland [photo above is my Dad in Portland with Angela and Ben]. Did you know that Portland Oregon was named after Portland Maine? When we were in Portland, Oregon, we found out that it is a cool city (and we don’t mean freezing.) My favorite thing about Portland was getting gelatos (ice cream). We went to Powells, the biggest bookstore in the world my Dad tells me. We visited the Japanese Garden that had some cool things like sand gardens and lots of big fish. We stayed at an apartment with our friends Angela and Ben. Portland is a cool city and there are nice people, good food, and a big bookstore.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for telling me all about Portland, Kim. It was very interesting.
I'll be heading to Kentucky for a week the end of October and am looking forward to seeing all the Baxters. Next stop.....Mexico!
Can't wait to see all of you.
Love to all, Mom/El/Grandma

Angela said...

So glad you all came for a visit! Thanks for the scoop, Kim. Thinking of you and your amazing adventures often...

bzablots31 said...

Hey Kim, Great story. Portland sounds like a wonderful place to visit. I had actually heard about Powells, and would love to visit some day.
Also loved those redwoods. We were on the west coast this summer and went to Muir Woods which is just north of San Francisco. Spectular! Have a great time. Look forward to checking in via your blog and emails.
Mrs. Z