Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Our Week in the Redwoods

As we searched for a house to rent, we discovered that we had not stayed in one location for a week since our week long stay at Long Beach Island back in June. Then we thought what better place to stay then the Redwood forest. So we rented "Joe's Cabin" right in the heart of the redwoods. "Joe's Cabin" is about 15 miles from Crescent City, which is about 359 miles north of San Francisco. It is a nice small cabin, perfect for unwinding for a week. Its real beauty is it's proximity to Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, home to many great hiking trails that let you walk right through some of the biggest redwoods. Redwoods are one of the most spectacular types of trees. They are also the worlds second largest trees. Second only to the sequoia which resonate in central California. In many cases they grow to 350 feet, and sometimes even more. They are known for being very big as well as very old, some of the oldest Redwoods are 2,000 years old. We are fortunate enough to spend a week with these giants. (author Will Jonah)

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Anonymous said...

Hello gang! We're thinking of you as the flu spreads through our family (Henry was the big winner) and Daycare! We're healthy today but home as Vicki has fever and flu.
Happy belated Anniversary and birthday to Will. It sounds like you had some memorable celebrations! Love you! Hope you can catch the VP debate tonight.
Hugs to all!