Saturday, May 23, 2009

Re-Connecting with Cousins!

Yippie: finally the cousins are together again (well, some of them!) The kids had fun seeing some of their Stowe cousins and all of their Essex Junction cousins. Tomorrow we head to Stowe and then we are off to New Hampshire to see Nana Jonah. We look forward to getting up to Maine later in the week to see the rest of the Jonah clan! Packing in a lot of family visits before June 1 when we head back to Shelburne and the journey's end. Its been wonderful: thanks for following along with us. XOXO S

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Anonymous said...

Happy travels in these final days in your new vehicle. Hope you're not having a FIT!
May you and Nana have a great time in Maine and a wonderful family reunion.
See you soon. I already miss our leisurely early a.m. coffee and paper time. I was at the A&P at 7 a.m. preparing for Homer and Matilda's arrival tomorrow!
Lots of love to you all, M/E/G