Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jonah Reunion (without Philomena!)

Philomena sprung a leak (actually a water pump) in my brother Gordon's driveway. So, we left Philomena in Stowe, Vermont on Memorial Day and traveled to New Hampshire and then on to Maine for a big Jonah reunion. Thankfully, Gordon loaned us his car (how many people can fit in a FIT?) and then he took Philomena to Willie's Gargage (the local mechanic in Stowe). Meanwhile, we drove to New Hampshire where we picked up Nana (Dave's mom) and all five of us squeezed into the FIT for the 4 hour drive to Maine. Now we are enjoying visits with Ellen & Bill (Dave's sister & her hubby) and Robert & Trudy Jonah (Dave's brother & his bride); their kids (Alicia & Brian) and Alicia's boys (Tyler & Bryson). One big huge Jonah reunion and, wouldn't you know it, my camera battery failed! So, this blog entry spares you the photos but, suffice to say: Good Times are being had by ALL!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you all made it to Maine in the FIT - hope it was comfortable.
Sounds like a terrific family re-
union! Hope Philomena will be in great shape upon your return.
Love to all,