Saturday, April 11, 2009

Twas’ the Day before Easter...

For lunch today, we dined at the Fancy Gourmet restaurant in Columbia, SC; packed with white folk chowing on the freshest tasty delicacies. Our next stop was SUDS, a mostly-black laundrymat a few blocks way, to clean-up after an earlier grape juice spillage incident. Quite a juxitpisition these two pre-Easter outings in South Caroline’s capital city of Columbia. The laundry is playing rhythmic soulful music and there is a bar at one end warning “Only food and beverages purchased at SUDS can be consumed at SUDS.” A fellow patron pops a tall boy and kicks back to watch his laundry spin. It appears to be mostly men in the laundrymat (I think the bar a woman's idea to get the guys to do the washing.) FYI - Some other signs say: “No Loafing” (I loved that! Out with "Loitering" in with "Loafing!") and "Any Violence will Result in Arrest – No Questions Asked” (a little un-nerving, grant it, but Kim noticed there were a couple cop cars around the corner "chatting" and perhaps waiting to pounch on a loafer!) Within an hour grape-stains are cleaned and we're on the road all the wiser!

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Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to go to Charleston and now I know why. It looks wonderful. Ashville is suppose to be pretty too. I think Mark Brennan and family are there.
Annie and I have no plans this Easter except maybe a hike in the woods with our doggies. Hope you all have a happy one. See you next week!!! Love, M/E/G