Saturday, April 11, 2009

Exploring Charleston, SC

What a lovely strolling town: historic Charleston! We spent a few hours wondering through the streets looking at the old homes, graveyards, huge mansions; dining on yummy southern cuisine; playing in the park and peering out into the harbor at Fort Sumter where the civil war was triggered. Afterwards we headed to the state park to camp, only to find it completely full. It is school vacation week in South Carolina and the ranger informed us that all the State Parks are full. Drats! Since the short-term weather forcast indicated that bands of heavy showers with possible tornados (they do know how to pack a storm down here in the south!) where heading our way, we decided to duck into the Southern Lodge Inn outside of Columbia. And rain it did, in the middle of the night we were safe and dry! Now we are off to discover what we can about Columbia (the capital of SC - Kim's learning her capitals!), making our way toward Asheville, NC for a tour of the Biltmore on Monday (kindess of Alec Webb, thank you, Alec!)

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Anonymous said...

Happy Easter! Have a wonderful visit tomorrow and enjoy the ride IN and AWAY from Biltmore! Get creative on how the 2 venues could work together :) Send some Spring back to Shelburne- we had snow flurries this morning! Love to you all, and yes, Kim, the pool is still closed! xoxox