Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Beautiful Biltmore

On a rainy afternoon, we toured the historic Biltmore mansion buily by George Washington Vanderbilt (younger brother of Lila Vanderbilt Webb, who - with her husband William Seward Webb - built Shelburne Farms in Vermont a few years before the Biltmore was constructed in Ashbille, NC). The Biltmore (tm) is still privately owned by descendants of George & Edith Vanderbilt, and is run as a for-profit business with tours (a main source of revenue - basic adult admission=$50), an Inn, several restaraunts, gift shops and a winery. We throroughly enjoyed our day on the estate, and are glad to be going home to re-join the team at the equally beautiful, albeit slightly understated, Shelburne Farms (a nonprofit, educational organization)!

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Anonymous said...

I'm wondering why you didn't stay at the Biltmore and opted for the Mountaineer instead???? Were the gourmet restaurants better at the latter?
I'm getting excited about my upcoming trip, seeing the Baxters and all of you!

Love, Mom/El/Grandma