Friday, March 13, 2009

Rain Hits Draught-stricken Texas

We've been library hopping in small Texas town these last few rainy days in the Lone Star State. Its school vacation week and libraries are full of people of all ages. They are great places to learn and to gain a flavor of the local community. We are currently north of Houston in Huntsville, which is still ranching territory. The further east we've gone, the more spring-like it seems with roadside green and blossoming with Bluebonnets! (Sorry, the camera battery was dead yesterday when we stopped to take some roadside photos.) While in Texas we've been doing some "free" camping (Texas has the nicest rest areas we've encountered anywhere!) and we've even honkered-down in a Quality Inn, which had the warmest, fluffiest beds we've encountered! All is well, we are enjoying our slow, steady exploration of this region, which included a guided tour of the Texas capital in Austin, yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

If it's spring in Texas, maybe it's on its way to NJ. I hope so. It's been a long winter. Can't wait to hook up with all of you in KY - races, anyone? I"m feeling lucky!
Lots of love, Mom/El/Grandma