Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Keeping up with the Dixon Jonah's!

When they engineered the campground at the municiple park in Fredericksburg, Texas people must have driven smaller campers! Now almost everyone stays inside their BIG RIG watching cable TV. Even we caught a bit of "Dancing with the Stars" by glancing through the picture window of the nieghbor's RV across the street. Now, this is camping! But, honestly, Fredericksburg is one of the nicest towns in America. Germans settled here in the early 1800's and it still holds much of that influence today with a very vital downtown, which includes a brewary where we dined to day after touring the WWII Pacific War Museum (trying to find out more about where Dave's Dad served on a Distroyer.) Here's Dave talking on the phone with Gordon!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for calling me today, Kim! It was great catching up on all you're doing.
The trees around here are getting plump buds and it should be full blown spring when you arrive in Boonton.
I talked with Aunt Mary today and made plans to arrive in KY around April 20 for about a week. Can't wait!
Love, Mom/El/Grandma

Andrea said...

Love the picture! Here's another link, I am sorry, I see these other travelin' family things and I think of you! Maybe you can connect with some of them http://www.toadhaven.com/Traveling%20Homeschool%20Families.html