Sunday, March 15, 2009

Herman Hospitality

Paul and Julie Herman did not know us when they opened their doors, inviting us stay at their lovely home northwest of Houston. Paul had simply received an email from his mother that a family from Vermont - friends of Ellin London - were camping their way across in Texas. Paul emailed some camping suggestions, adding "if you are tired of the rain and want a place to dry-off for a while..." The next thing you know, we are enjoying wonderful Herman Hospitality from a warm, dry, comfortable apartment above their garage. Let the rains pour down! We must get the van serviced and have found a suitable VW mechanic in the area. Philomena is going to see the mechanic tomorrow. We are so grateful to the Hermans for their incredible hospitality; we started as strangers and leave as friends hoping to see them again in Vermont someday soon!


Anonymous said...

How generous of the Hermans to shelter you from the rain with such sumptuous surroundings.
I'm glad you got your "flamingo fix", Sue, albeit not in the wild.
It won't be long now before you'll be in KY with the Baxters and I'm really looking forward to that reunion!
Keep dry and travel well.
Lots of love, Mom/El/Grandma

julie said...

We sure enjoyed having you here -- enjoy Louisiana. There isn't any place else like it in the world.

Gogo, Carl, Sam, Anne, Paul, (Edward who is here now but missed actually meeting you),and Julie Herman