Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cool Dogs

No photo of this so use your imagination...

Its 9 PM, we are negociating a busy throughfare in Houston having just enjoyed a fabulous multi-generational meal with ever-gracious Go-Go Herman, and her son Carl, and Carl's son Sam. A Harley motorcycle man (you know the type: full grey beard; head covered with a bandana - no helmet; leather hog jacket...) pulls up next to us, girlfriend perched snug behind him on the saddle. He is also pulling a trailer, a little flatbed attached to his bike, and on it two big shepard-like dogs are sitting bolt upright, each wearing its own pair of goggles! The Harley dude shouts, "Hey, cool van!" Dave returns an equally admiring comment about his handsome canines beofre bolting off in different directions.

We now are preparing to bolt off ourselves, eastward from Houston towards Lousiana. Our van is running well, our clothes clean, bellies full, and hearts full of gratitude for the kind friendship of the extended Herman Family: Paul, Julie, Anne, Gloria, Ed, Carl and Sam... It was a real gift to have met all and we look forward someday to extending hospitality in Vernmont!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

On the road again! Sounds like the
Herman's hospitality set you up dandy. They must be gems!
We're heading up to VT Friday to see Billy and Calvin ski and catch up with all the family. Guess it's still pretty wintery up there.
Hope you'll find Louisiana much im-
proved and that your travels there are fun and interesting.
Lots and lots of love, M/E/G