Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Favorite Fruit Smoothie Stand

A couple of times, when its been too hot to want to eat a full meal, I ventured out to this fruit smoothie stand up the street from our hotel and purchased a cool and refreshing blended beverage. So far, so good - no adverse stomach affects from this street food. Kim thinks that this is just the type of stand that we need in Shelburne, Vermont.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures, Sue! I got a real feel for Honduras.
Looks like Kim is handy with cement and Will's strong back is much in demand. It must take stamina to work in the heat.
On the contrary, it is snowing here, but we missed a big storm that went out to sea at the last minute. Love,

mwittke said...

Love your pics! Thanks! Snowing here too. 'Sposed to snow all week. Ma and I are finalizing Hawaii plans. Yahoo! Thanks for keeping us so well informed. I spoke with your sisters, sister-in-law and mother today. It's been fun. Care's gettin' ready to see you's guys soon!!! I guess that's the last of us, eh? So, soon you can come home! Love, Mary