Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Modern Apartment in Mexico City

Well, we have made it to the heart of one of the world's largest cities (second only to Tokyo)where we find ourselves staying in an ultra-modern, artistic and well-appointed home-away-from-home with several lovely exterior courtyards, a metal spiral staircase, and glass tables (that we keep banging into - ouch!). Today we will visit the world-class Museo de Antropologia; but otherwise do some laundry, shopping and - of course - the guys will listen to UVM basketball's home game tonight, streamed via the internet. This is a perfect urban refuge from sprawling city; and a nice place to rest after the (enjoyable) physical labor of our weeks with Hands-to-Honduras.

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Anonymous said...

Smart looking digs you've got in Mexico City! Hope the City has kept you well entertained and you're enjoying your time there.
Sorry to miss your call and hope to catch up with you later. I'm thinking May isn't THAT far off. Any word yet on Dave's plans?
Miss you and love you. Mom/El/GM