Monday, February 9, 2009

Mexico City's Museum of Antrhropology

Considered one of the world's best, this 20 acre museum complex houses more than 10,000 original pieces including an extensive prehispanic collection of Mayan, Aztec and Mixtec treasures. Why is it then, that we all got so instantly sleepy when we visit? Free to Mexican residents on Sundays, half the city seemed to be there. We found some of the cultural displays on the streets as interesting as those behind glass...


Andrea said...

I am SOOOOO jealous I am almost bursting! I can't believe you are doing all this! I can hardly function today, and didn't function AT ALL yesterday!

It is sunny and warm (for here) which has helped the transition back. I miss the group of volunteers and it feels funny to not be in contact with everyone.

If you want to check out my view of Honduras, visit me at I posted some pictures from the week!

Have fun and enjoy!

The stalker! A

Anonymous said...

I think you caught all the great events in Mexico City in your limited time. The street dance and the flyers looked better than the relics to me. And Kim! Your hair is stunning!
Great talking with you yesterday. I'm counting the days 'til May.
Much love,

Carrie said...

Anthropology museum was closed when I was in DF (2001). Fox's wedding then shut down a lot.