Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Forgotten Camera...

Yesterday we explored the Zocalo and beautiful main square, Royal Palace and ancient pyramids in central Mexico City - but unfortunately forgot the camera... so there are no photos in today's blog entry. We have packed up our apartment and are ready to take taxi to the bus station where we'll take a long busride to Oaxaca, where the van is parked. Weather reports are HOT, HOT, HOT in the 90F* down there. Unfrotunatly, I tweeked my back out this morning (stuffing clothes in a backpack, of all things!) so the rest of the family will be doing an extra share of heavy lifting until it mends. (How is it that I could lift cinder blocks and mix cement for two weeks without any trouble and packing does me in?) In less than 2 weeks, my sister Carrie will be arrive in Cancun - Yippee! We'll be there only long enough to pick her up at the airport; then head out to explore Mayan ruins and pristine beaches!)

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Carrie said...

Hey guys,
I'd be happy to take a bus from CancĂșn to to MĂ©rida if it makes your travel plans easier. I have to look for the name of the hotel, but I'm pretty sure I have it.
Counting the days until I see you!