Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Moving Block

Many villagers (mostly) women & children (ages 6 to 75) joined the Hands to Honduras volunteers. Together we moved a huge pile of bricks across the schoolyard to the construction slab where we'll be building a classroom and library. There are 90 schoolaged children living in Las Palmas (I think most of them were at the job site at one time or another during the day). Their former classroom was a thatch hut, which was torn down to make room for this new, sturdier structure.


Anonymous said...

It must be so gratifying to be making a difference in so many lives. The work sounds so worthwhile and the projects so sorely needed. I hope it all goes very well.
Snow storm due in tomorrow. Carrie and the boys are here,went in to NYC to Museum of Natural History w/ Ann today, as they wanted to beat the storm XX M/E/G

Andrea said...

Thank you for all the Honduras pictures! I will be there on Sat. I have been sharing the info with my family so they have an idea about where I will be and what I will be doing.

Meet you soon,
Andrea T.