Monday, December 22, 2008

Questions & Answers

Keeping watchful eyes open in the marketplace often leaves one full of questions. Recently we noticed moist green moss and dry whitish lacey plant material being sold by the kilo. Assuming it to be a local delicacy, I wonder how how it is cooked. Then, right next to the holiday paper, we spot several small rolls of drab, hand-made-looking, brown and gray paper. Kim turns her nose up, finding colorful Christmas wrap much more to her liking. Pondering these observations during several trips to the market, the answer gradually reveals itself. These seasonal commodities are the raw materials for making miniture models depicting the birth of Christ.

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Anonymous said...

Will you have a nativity scene at the house? Some of them looked elaborate. I still have the olive wood one from Israel that Eleanor Bamford and I got when we sold them as a fund raiser for St. John's years ago. No decor this year, as we'll be "off" for Christmas - and thinking of all of you. Love, Mom/El/Grandma