Monday, December 22, 2008

Nacimiento en Miniature

In the 16th century, when Catholic monks first came to this region with the goal of converting indigenous populations, they used nativity scenes for proselytizing. For more than four centuries, the tradition of building elaborate models representing Christ’s birth has been a Mexican holiday tradition. People set up nativity scenes in their homes, often using miniture charactors that have been handed-down in their families for generations. Apparently, people offer fruit and candy to groups wondering the streets admiring Nativity scenes. Today, we saw street vendors selling miniature donkeys, cows, sheep, kings and shepards along with angels, Josephs, Marys and baby Jesuses.

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mwittke said...

You know me...I love the nativity scenes. Thanks for sharing so many. I just finished my final project for History of Christianity on Francis of Assisi. He is credited for the first nativity desplays. I have an olive wood one from Bethlehem from Mom. I love it! Peace, love, and joy.