Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Night Noises

The dogs of Alamo keep you up at night barking and howling. Around 8:30 PM one dog starts and within a few minutes all 10,000 are barking. Last night the action was very close to home with a dog fight right outside Dave's and my tent. Scattered several times by various sleepless souls, the culprets eventually disperse affording us some shuteye before the roasters of Alamos beckon in the dawn – all 10,000 of them! A place of many night noises, our tent [the kids are in the van] is pitched under a tall palm, which makes a fantastic sight through mosquito mesh against the dark starlight sky. Birds, diverse and plentiful, sing out in a blended morning chorus while a lone woodpecker marks cadence. Another day has dawned. We move through our schoolwork with plans to venture out and explore our new colonial surroundings.

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