Thursday, September 18, 2008

We've finally made it to the PACIFIC Ocean!

Sea stacks and tides; large logs (beach bones) and foggy skys - we are hiking Ruby Beach on the western Olympic Peninsula. The shore hosts old growth temporate rain forests, but thankfully we haven't had much rain (yet!).


Anonymous said...

So far away now that you're on the west coast! The Alaskan pictures are SUPER and I'm glad the bears didn't find you while you were camping! We'll miss you at the 30th Annual Harvest Fstival tomorrow!
When will U B in Tucson? We need to make plans!
Steve and Deenie

mwittke said...

Hey guys! So glad to read your updates and see your last pics of AK, the endo of Annie's visit, and Mojo in Bainbridge Island! I can't wait until October 10th to see you in NV and have you come to visit us in UT. Yippee!!! Love, Mary

Miramar said...

Arch and I were at that VERY SPOT on the Peninsula just last year. That entire area is just beautiful, especially on a cloudy day.