Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Few Great Days in the Big City

In Anchorage, we enjoyed several restful days in our comfortable cabin on Jewel Lake entertaining and being entertained in magnificent style. We tooled around with Ellin London and enjoyed meeting some of her friends from Alaska who are engaged in environmental pursuits. On Saturday evening Charlotte-native-turned-Anchorage-defense-attorney Amy Menard packed extraordinary picnic cooler full of fresh fish, shrimp, cheeses, salads, wines and carrot cupcakes, brining a delicious dinner to Jewel Lake. Her main man (and fiancé) Steve arrived from his job site in the bush just in time to grill the halibut. Before dessert Dave and Will skipped out to the airport and picked up my sister Ann who is traveling with us for three weeks from Anchorage to Seattle.

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