Friday, August 22, 2008

Friends Meet in Anchorage

We had a lot of fun catching up our friend Ellin London in Anchorage! Here visiting with friends in the conservation community, Ellin joined us for supper and a visit at the sweet little cabin that we have rented on Jewel Lake. We plan to explore the area together today before Ellin heads home to Vermont on Saturday. It is so nice to see a familar face from home way up here in Alaska.


Mary crane said...

Sue, Alaska sounds amazing. Wolves, wildness and music to boot. What fun. Hope the universal cold has left. Can't wait to here more


Anonymous said...

Great catching up with all of you and seeing Annie fitting right in with the seasoned travelers. Her little dog is fine, was very happy to see me when I got home from Willoughby, but was well cared for by Nancy.
Not much news here - I'm off for a geme of tennis. The Rep convention and US Open keep me busy. XXX M0m/El/