Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wish This Had SOUND

What are the chances, really, of us arriving in Telkeetna, Alaska for the first annual Joes Fest, a weekend of bluegrass music in the beer garden at the historic Fairview Inn? We awake on Saturday to pouring rain and lots of aches and pains (Dave’s head cold seems to be spreading its way through Philomena’s passengers.) The only one totally healthy is Kim, who has become instant pals with Nova, the 7 year-old-daughter of Holli “the hostel owner.” Eventually we – including Nova – made our way to the Telkeetna library (where the periodical section is housed in the unisex restroom) to wait out the storm by checking emails, watching movies and reading the newspaper. We stopped for a hitchhiker on our way back into town. Wearing a sports coat, carrying a suitcase and looking rather desperate for a ride, he hardly appeared threatening. It turned out Steve (the hitchhiker) is the Master of Ceremonies for Joe’s Fest (the weekend of music in celebration of local musical hero Joe Page’s 50th birthday.) Well, to make a long story short; the sun came out; Dave & I went to the festival and enjoyed the Simple Tones (Alaska’s best string band) and the kids each did their own thing somewhere in Telkeetna. Good music, good times had by all. Tomorrow we leave town and hope to canoe a little in the Nancy Lakes region north of Anchorage. Stay tuned for more updates from Anchorage, where we should be later in the week XOXOX Sue & crew.


Anonymous said...

Telkeetna is one of my favorite towns in the whole world! Glad you guys are having fun!

Anonymous said...

Love reading your blogs and seeing the pictures you take along the way. What an adventure. Vermont is enjoying sunny days, but the nights are feeling a bit cooler. The lake is two feet above the normal August level; beaches have disappeared. Watched the sailboats on Shelburne Bay last night...with a beautiful sunset in the background. Stay safe. Hope the flu bug has worn itself out. Joanne V.

Anonymous said...

Hi you guys! You made it to Alaska and boy am I jealous! I hope you are seeing and experiencing all that you hoped for and more. Happy travels, Jaime