Friday, August 22, 2008

Red Shirt Lake

To think: we almost baled-out on the backpack/canoe trip to Public Use Cabin (PUC) #2 on Red Shirt Lake because each of us, in succession, got hit with a “head-cold-flue-thing” making its way through Philomena! With nowhere else to go and the non-refundable cabin fee paid-in-full, we sucked it up and headed off - canoe paddles and PFD’s in hand - into the Nancy Lakes Recreation Area for a four day/three night wilderness adventure.

Hiking three miles through moist northern forest laced with Devil’s Club topped in bright red fall berries, we were reminded that backpacking with multiple-days worth of gear and food is hard work. Occasional sweet raspberries along the way gave Kim the pick-me-up needed to reach the lake where our canoe awaited. We shuttled to PUC #2, the smallest of the four such cabins, tucked in a quiet cove on the north end of the island-dotted lake: our home for the next few days!

Paddling, picnicking, fishing, swimming, reading, playing cards, collecting firewood, and cooking over a campfire (our MSR stove rendered useless by a fuel leak) made for real nice family camping. Weather cooperated and we enjoyed moments as they added up over four days. Some nights we shared the lake with a few other people, including some accessing by float plane, and other evenings we had only the loons and bald eagles for company. Good times were had by all.


Anonymous said...

Your lake spot looks heavenly! Glad you got there in spite of ill health.
I'm all set to get Annie to the airport tomorrow for the flight to Anchorage. She's really looking forward to her three weeks in Alaska and especially a reunion with all of you.
Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

Loved talking with you and Kim from Anchorage!
I miss you too, Kim. I'm counting the days until I see you and the rest of your family in Mexico.
In the meantime - happy travels and have a wonderful time with your Auntie Annie!!!
Love to all, Mom/El/Grandma

Wally said...

Looks like tranquility base 2
I am envious of your travels



brant said...

Glad you are finding your "shirts" along the way in travels. Sounds wonderful.... well I'm sure there are bumps along the way but very, very nice. Dave, I will probably be seeing Rob Landry this week. I will say hello. PS While I am in the Gift shop lot do you need any spare parts? Just let me know. Your friend, Brant