Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Two Thousand Miles to Anchorage!

Isn't this the most beautiful little orchid?

Tomorrow (Wednesday, July 23) we leave Calgary heading north via the Icefields Parkway through Banff and Jasper and on to Dawson Creek where we pick up the Alaska Highway. This will be the most remote and rugged part of our journey thus far. As far as we know, there is no Verizon cellphone service until we reach Anchorage on August 21. So we probably won't be able to make or receive calls for the next several weeks. We will however be checking our email [ sdixonjonah@yahoo.com = Sue; ddixonjonah@yahoo.com = Dave; willjonah@yahoo.com = Will; and kdixonjonah@yahoo.com = Kim ] whenever possible and would love to hear from you. This will probably be the best way to communicate with us for a while (but please remember we many be days between wifi access). Van-willing we'll be in back in total cellphone communication by August 21. In the meantime, we will gratefully accept your throughts and prayers for smooth travels during this challenging leg of our journey. Thanks with love from Sue & crew.


mwittke said...

You are in my prayers!!! I am so impressed with your trip so far. Have you already been travelling a month? I'll be out of cell, internet range for a week too...17 miles east of Coalville, UT. We'll think of you Will...at Camp Fellowship! Love, Mary

Brent said...

Hey! We saw you at Two Jack Lake campground in Banff. That was us in the Burgandy '91 Westy waving thru the rain. (or was that before it started raining) I was hoping to chat with you about Philomena, as we were only on our second quick trip with ours. It was nice to see you wave when you were leaving too! I waved at 4 other Westys on the road today, and nobody waved back!

We'll be keeping tabs on your blog!


Dixon Jonah said...

Brent: Sorry the other WESTYS didn't wave. Shame on them. We are also sorry not to chatt at Two Jack Lake. Glad you are having a good trip. '91 - how young! ours is '84, but only 79,000 miles. Keeping our fingers crossed she does the trip to Alaska with out a hitch. So far, so good. Cheers! Sue & crew. [Glad you found our blog!]