Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hello, from Grande Cache

[Get out your MAPS!] a coal mining town in Alberta, Canada. Our computer is "down" so I am using the loaner in the lobby of the Grande Cache Hotel where we are staying tonight, thanks to a little rain and lots of heavy-duty lobbying from Kim. We left beautiful Jasper National Park in the heart of the Canadian Rockies around noon today and expect to be in Dawson Creek, the 0 mile mark of the Alaska Highway, by the end of the day tomorrow (Sunday, July 26th).

[Sorry, no photos with this entry, but - if you where reading carefully, you would have picked up the fact that "our computer is down" or maybe its the internet in the hotel is sluggish or maybe - just maybe - it has to do with our own lack of technical know-how [where is Bill Boedecker when you need him?] Whatever the issue, we are hoping to have it worked out soon so the kids can download more movies and TV shows for the long road ahead. [Yes, it is the secret to our sucess and harmony.

Wildlife sightings to date now include several BLACK BEAR - sow's and cubs - along the roadsides, grubbing in rotten logs or snarfing berries. [No Grizzly's YET, you'll be the first to know.] We also saw three adorable Pine Martens, which thankfully dashed up a tree before Philamena could run them over [oh, they dashed in front of Philamena first, she wasn't aiming for them!]

It is pouring outside now! I guess we made the right call [Thanks, Kim!] staying in a hotel tonight. There was going to be a free ELVIS moving in the town park today, when it gets dark [sometime after 11 pm!], but I guess that's cancelled. Oh well, I might get some rest. More later... Dave reads that the campground in Dawson Creek has internet. If you email us tonight, we might get back to you tomorrow.

All the best to you. Love, Sue & crew!

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Miramar said...

Great to know what you're up to. Just finished talking with Deenie. More rain in Vermont. We were JOYOUS at our 1.5 inch monsoon rain during dinner last night.
So good to read what fun you're having. Alls good here in the states. Bundles of love and safe travels. (I go back to VT for the wedding on the 21st to be with everyone...can't wait) Laura