Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We Made it to Grandma's House...

After a heroic drive in pounding rain (thanks be to Dave!) through the rush hour traffic of Washington DC; Baltimore; and Wilmington, DE... Several potty stops... we finally made it to my Mom's doorstep last night alittle after 10 PM and COLLAPSED! Today we are refreshed and rejuivated and looking forward to taking the next couple of weeks in Boonton, NJ to wrap up some homestudy projects and prepare for reentry in the "real world." See you there! In the meantime, we are savoring these moments. Cheers!


Andrea said...

Just starting on my home study paperwork for next year, still hoping you will be joining me!

Enjoy these last few weeks, it has been a real pleasure to follow your adventures.

I am going to a H2H meeting in the morning, gearing up for next year! Hoping my kids will come this time too!!!

Anonymous said...

Speaking for those of us in the "real world," we are looking forward to your re-entry and getting to see you again. Wahoo!

Best to wait a couple of weeks until is stops raining here in Vermont though. So have a nice time in Boonton with your mom. I'm sure she loves having you all around for a chunk of time.


Anonymous said...

Having the Dixon/Jonah clan here is such a joy!
So many good tales to hear and lots to catch up on.