Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Refreshing Splash at Dismal Falls

With a twinge of sadness, we realize this will probably be our last night "wild" camping for this trip. Once the beer-drinking, music-blarring, kissy-couple left, we were the only ones camped at the rustic`campground near the Appalachian Trial in the Jefferson National Forest of southwestern Virgina. Birdsong, spring peepers and the occassional squirrel were the only forest sounds. In the morning, after hitting the books some, we enjoyed a refreshing splash-bath in the Dismal River before "saddling up" for the more civilized territory of Charlottesville, VA (which included a walking tour of the University of Viginia's historic campus).


Anonymous said...

Your final days on the road and camping sound wonderful. Although you may feel sad, it must be nice to think of home and Vermont, not to mention a respit in ye olde Boonton, which I'm really looking forward to!
Happy travels on these final days.

Love, Mom/E/Grandma

Lesley said...

What a beautiful spot! Too cold to swim I imagine though, righ?