Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kentucky: We've Come Full Circle

"Oh, the cousins; we'll soon see the cousins..." Kim's voice fills with contagious excitement as we approach the Baxter Farm in Burgin, Kentucky. Six second cousins live within a five mile radius of the farm. "And Grandma, I can't wait to see Grandma!" she goes on. My mom will be here, too, visiting with her sister - my Aunt Mary & Uncle Jim. Recognizing familiar landmarks adds to the infectious joy as we approach the farm. It feels so good to be enfolded by family again; to be kinfolk in familiar territory. Family connections are important to me, something learned - no doubt - from my mother who made sure as kids that we visited her sister each year in Kentucky or they visited us in New Jersey. As we pull into the long driveway, I delight in our children's anticipation of the reunion soon to take place up the hill in the white porch-wrapped farmhouse. We were here last summer at the beginning of our journey and now have come full circle.


Carrie said...

Great note, Sue!
I, too, am so grateful for the closeness of our extended family. I'm headed to NJ with Eli and Henry this afternoon. Just in time to meet Mom upon her return from KY.
Love you and see you soon!
PS, I got the St. Mike's job this summer! Teaching ELL July 29-August 7. So excited!

Anonymous said...

You nailed it, Sue!
Reading your blog re. family and reunions brought it home for me. I loved being with everyone in KY. The trip home was a breeze and Annie met me with no problem. Carrie and boys arrive momentarily,
so this grandma has been well treated - spoiled, really.

Love, Mom/El/Grandma