Monday, April 6, 2009


After enjoying the incredible hospitality and wonderful company of Gary & Noel Nelson in Jacksonville, FL (which included comfortable beds, delicious food, interesting conversation, swimming, art, and so much more...) we are on the road again. Today we crossed into Georgia and are camping under the spanish moss drapped trees in the Crooked River State Park, just over the border from Florida. It seems we have dodged the rain and tornados that moved through the area ahead of us. It is sunny, windy and a cold front is moving through. Rumor has it, it is snowing in Ashville, NC - where we plan to be by the weekend (hoping it will have melted by then!).


Anonymous said...

I hope you don't hit snow! I don't think you have the clothes for it! Sounds as though the weather has been a challenge, but maybe Kentucky will have some balm and blooms. Can't wait!

Love, Mom/El/Grandma

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys! I'm catching up on the last month of your trip. Just amazing adventures. I'm glad you got to see the Katrina aftermath. Seems important to be there.

I doubt you'll be near Atlanta, but if you do, look up my sister (Darby Ferguson downtown in Buckhead). I'm sure she'd love to compare notes on Wobble-Wagon camping (she's got the newer version, but whatever).

Karen Yacos