Thursday, April 9, 2009

Crafting with Beth...

In additon to food, shelter, company and libations the Mentes Family of Richmond Hill generously provided crafting instruction, too. Beth orchestrated a fun pocketbook making session for the girls: Jackie and Leigh (photed below) and their temporary house guest, Kimberly. We've enjoyed a restful and lovely stay here with Tom, Beth, Leigh and Jackle and can't wait to see them in Vermont this summer!

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Anonymous said...

Wild! Just to think I was visiting with Beth last Sunday in Princeton!!! She's a globe trotter
as well as a crafter. You must have had a great reunion. So glad they're planning to catch up with you in VT perhaps to see Anna Conway in Circus Smirkus?
I'm packing my bags for KY. I can hardly wait! XXX M/E/G