Thursday, March 5, 2009

We're Back in the USA

Deep in the heart of Texas... we crossed the Rio Grande yesterday around 4 pm and I was heard saying' "It that it?" being solely unimpressed by the muddy canal of a river bed, thinking it would/should be something much more impressive. The US border security, on the other hand, is rather impressive with miles upon miles of fencing and uniformed agents. They did search our van, finding in our cooler a plastic baggy filled with one apple for which we appearently could be fined $300. Thankfully, they were feeling benovelant and let us off with a stern warning. Later, at a border inspection about 20 miles into Texas the agent asked a trick question; "What year?" referring to Philomena... We are busy recording the similarities and differences between the USA and MExico while they are fresh in our heads. But, I'd better go... we are off next toward the Alamo... More later, just wanted to let you know we are safely back in the country.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome Back! I loved your description of the Forgotten Coast...almost felt like I could see you and it. Hope you get enjoy some of the other missions in San Antonio. I was there for work a couple times last summer (yes, you have much better timing re temperature) and visited several of the area missions--including attending a mariache mass (not too many of those in Minnesota!). Wishing you continued safe travels. --Lori