Saturday, March 7, 2009

San Antonio Spurs Fan

How fortunate for Will and Dave that the Spurs were playing last night in San Antonio and the stadium was only a mile from the campground where we are currently living! They were able to get a couple of last-minute tickets to the game; and Kim and I enjoyed a "girls night" at the pool and watching old Seinfelds on the computer! Life is good!


Anonymous said...

Lots of good catch up reading for this old Mama fresh from Hawaii via Salt Lake City where Sam met us for breakfast during my four hour lay-over. What a trip home (fourteen hours from door to door!)
Ever faithful Annie met me right on schedule and we supped at Joey's en route home.
Your travels are wonderful,and I especially enjoyed the photos of your reunion with "The Bird" Now all the family has met you one place or another, but I'm sure having her second languate ability made her visit particularly good.
Nice to know you're home in the USA and it was great talking with you from our sunny beach before our departure when you were at the Alamo.
Happy travels with love,

Marleen said...

Hey all..
It's Marleen. Just had such fun reading of your adventures. Did want to check if you had an addition...guess not. The beach days sound wonderful..sun, breeze, surf and a book!
Don't know if anyone else has posted..having a potluck at Joni and Per's this evening (actually at the commons) and we'll , I'm sure, be thinking of all of you.
Kim...still hoping we can have a limpet day when you get back!
Sue...we are still planning the "mature" yoga
Look forward to hearing more. I expect the transition to the US is taking some adjusting, though much bigger selection of shoes...

Annie said...

WHO does your hair?
I love it!!!!!!!!