Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Request...

We are beginning to plan our homeward journey through the southern United States and seek suggestions of places we should visit and/or people who might let us pop the top of our camper in their driveway, barn, field or other relatively flat surface. We enjoy meeting local people and find that RV parks tend to attract a (how to put this delicately) well, let's just say the "Satellite TV Set." Roughly, our route will take us into Texas (we should be there about a week from now - March 6th or so) and we'll head up to San Antonio and the Alamo. Then we'll travel east along the Gulf of Mexico through Louisanna, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, eventually turning north up the East Coast.

Please call(cell phone 802-299-5893; good when we are in USA in about one week) or email ( with any suggestions you have. Thanks so much!

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