Monday, March 30, 2009

The BEST Free Camping - Ever!

We were turned away from Florida Caverns State Park because the river was flooding all the campground and then we divered to the coast and found the State Park full because of spring break, so we ended up camping at a beach access with another couple who were turned away. It had showers, flush toilest, picnic shelter and play ground - the BEST FREE CAMPING Ever!


Andrea said...

I have a camping recommendation for you, on Hunting Island in S.C. It is near Beaufort, and we were there last week. I have pics on my blog if you are interested. The entire island is a state park, undeveloped with a campground. Stop at the Publix on Lady's Island if you need groceries, 'cause its 13 miles back inland if you need much more than basics. Much of Forest Gump was filmed in this area. Sorry I don't have any friends in the area!

Anonymous said...

The free camping looks terrific. Now I know why my sister loved the beaches on the Panhandle - wonderful looking!
Kim's kite flying with a plastic bag and string shows how
spoiled we all were when we went to
"The Kite Man" on LBI to spend an
absurd amount on a half baked kite!
Glad you're in the USA the more I read about Mexico! XXX M/E/G