Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bayou Country

We've left Texas and are currently traveling in central Louisiana where streams are called "bayous" and counties are called "parrishes." Five months ago, while we were at the Grand Canyon, we met a ranger named Randy (a real dandy - sorry, just couldn't help myself!) who suggested, "If you are ever in Louisiana, stop by the Cane River National Historical Park and tell them Randy says 'Hello,' which is exactly what we did today. Sorry not to have photos of SPRING here - dogwoods and azaleas in bloom, but we're at the library and there is no wi-fi so I can't upload images. Take my word for it, it is beautiful! We are camping in the National Forest where birds are singing and otherwise it is most peaceful. Toured the Magnolia Plantation today, getting the flavor for the deep south. While in Houston, I purchased the DVD of "Gone with the Wind" which we'll watch once we have electricity (the kids are thrilled!). Sometime later this week we should make our way to New Orleans, where we had hoped do some service work. Unfortunately, none of the service organizations allow children under 16 years. Too bad.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds as though you've hit spring! We're still a long way from it, and will be even further when we get to VT tomorrow night.
No luck connecting with the Shelburne News, but I'll keep trying.
Not long now before our KY reunion. Can't wait!
Lots of love, Mom/El/Grandma