Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dave [aka "Birthday Boy"]

Using the mug given to him moments ago by Kimberly, Dave gets his first cup of coffee of the day. It is pouring rain in Tela so the trip to Punta Sal for new arrivals will be cancelled, but it is a perfect day to watch the Super Bowl. Dave's birthday wish is for a Steeler's victory.


Anonymous said...

Looks like it was a perfect day for you, especially with the Steelers entertaining you! I can remember when you were just a little tadpole - just look at you now!
Love to all,

mwittke said...

Ain't you somethin', BB? Hope it's been a great day! Steelers are in the lead at this moment...huge interception/run by a BIG guy who's not supposed to do that, eh? See, I'm football saavy! Peace bro, XOXO, M

carol said...

OMG!!!! Another near cardiac arrest thanks to the boys in Black and Gold!!! Happy Birthday, Dave, and what a present...another Super Bowl Championship. Hope you enjoyed it!
The Wellings Girls

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got your birthday wish! Hasta luego, Jaime

Carrie said...

Oops! Let's celebrate next week!
Happy Belated Birthday Bro!