Sunday, January 25, 2009

Punta Sol National Park

Today is a free day before the work projects begin. About 40 of us, Kim and myself included, piled into two boats and motored out across the choppy sea to Punta Sol National Park. We took a short, muddy hike through the dense jungle spotting several howler monkeys high in the forset canopy. The kids enjoyed collecting shells and other treasures on the beach and many of us went snorkleing. The local Griffina people served us a delicious lunch of fresh fish, fried plantains, beans and rice. Many also sampled the sweet water of the coconuts and the tastey flesh inside.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad there is some fun packed into your work session. Sounds like a very interesting outing Sue and Kim took into the jungle and eating native food.
Think of us with more snow expected. Carrie and her boys arrive for a visit today, and Annie has the week off.
Miss you all........Love,

Carrie said...

Don't you love seeing monkeys in the trees. The one time I experienced that really impressed me. You'r not in Kansas anymore! Show, sleet and freezing rain all day today in NJ (not even nice enough to get outside and play - too cold and wet) and a winter storm warning here and in VT. Ayyy Caramba!