Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Field Trip to Monte Alban

Climbing the steep steps up to an alter perched high in the magnificent archaoelogical site of the ancient Zapotec city of Monte Alban, the kids reminise about field trips past. “Eta-hem,” teachers (aka parents) clear their throats. “Look at the fieldtrip we are on!”


Anonymous said...

GREAT talking with you earlier today, Sue!
The field trip to Monte Alban looks spectacular. What an edu-
cation Kim and Will are having! It's wonderful.
The plans for May sound like lots of fun, and I'm looking forward to your extended stay in ye olde NJ
Lots and lots of love,

the"mobil"guy said...

great update in shelburne news..hope philomena is safe and sound again..Will's pool-playing skills look professional, and Kim--you look "maahvalous"in those new sunglasses !!have fun in Honduras,while we freeze our arses off here at home !!!the "mobil"guy