Thursday, January 15, 2009

After a morning of robus exploration, we find our way to the women’s pottery cooperative in the neighboring village of Atzomba, which Tony – the owner of Casa Raab, where we are staying – told us about. On a shady patio, we enjoyed a tasty lunch while discussing archeology verse anthropology and some of the day's discoveries. The venders made a big impression on Will; while Kim recalled an unparallel building in the main plaza used for celestial observation by the highest of holy men; Dave pointed out the people’s strong reverence for fuana lead them to make some plants into Gods; and I was drawn to an Oblisk depicting three women and a man (as a jaguar) telling of the transistion of power from one generation to the next. Each sharing and observation, sparked a new string of conversation about discoveries from Monte Alban. Finishing our meal, we browsed through the shelves of rustic pottery. Dave selected a small divided salsa dish decorated with flowers for 25 pesos (about $2). Its been another great day of learning; now we’re off to find the bus station where we’ll buy four premium class tickets for our journey north to Puebla on Sunday. Cheerio!

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