Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words and….

Alamo, Mexico, is worth 1,000 pictures. A silver mining town established in the 1600’s, Alamos hosts many colonial casas built in the Spanish tradition with large central courtyards behind walls accessible only through elaborately decorated, and well secured, doorways. Exploring the city of 10,000, I find myself craving a peak behind the many walls. Occasionally a man on horseback rides along cobbled streets, the clopping of hooves transporting me decades, centuries, back in time.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful catching up on all your travels after being given a "heads up" from Dave via "Facebook" - a new wrinkle in my old forehead! It was so good to learn Dave is at it too (I'm very green, but Lucy tried to bring me up to speed over Thanksgiving).
Keep staying close to internet accommodations. I love your descriptions, Sue XXX Mom/El/