Thursday, December 4, 2008

Philomena's Not the Only Bug on the Block!

We see lots of VW's in Mexico; where apparently they were made for a while. It used to be, in the USA, when you saw a fellow soul driving an old VW you'd offer the peace sign or atleast a wave. Here in Mexico, there are so many aged VW's of every style kept hobbling on the road, the old Westy "club" has vanished. No more waves from other vans. Alas, our hope is that there will be lots of people with the skills to fit one, should the need arise. Today, is our last at Alamos. We plan o climb up to the Mirador for a view of the city at 1,350 ft, surrounded by mountains; then this evening we'll take in the festival at the Plaza - complete with bummer cars, much to Kim's delight.


Anonymous said...

Imagine - a street full of Philomenas!
Your travels continue to intrigue me and I wait for each and every update.
Heard from Carrie today, she is coming for a visit in Feb. GREAT! Won't it be nice to have a fluent relative!!!
Keep me posted. Love you all,

mwittke said...'s snowing again in UT! Looks a little warmer there! Miss you.