Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Mother/Daughter Shopping Spree

FELIZ NAVIDAD - Colorful Mexican Holiday Traditions

I announce to Dave, "We’ll be back in an hour.” Kim & I quickly head out to explore street stalls at the Tonala market outside of Guadalajara. We’re off on a shopping spree, Mexican style! Today, Kim’s lessons include applied mathematics, cultural appreciation, and Spanish. With 100 pesos to spend, she must conduct all fiscal transactions herself using her Spanish. She announces with glee, “I’m going to get Daddy a Christmas present,” and off we go.

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Anonymous said...

Dave tells me on Facebook that your new spot is wonderful - nice you'll be there through Xmas. The shopping spree sounded great, as well as lessons from ye olde Mama Schoolmarm (clever, Sue). I love getting your messages and can't wait for another.
Much love to all